Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Ghosts of Those Thirsting for Justice Roam the Land

There is a belief among old people that spirits of victims of injustice still remain on earth. They roam the landscape, seeking for people to help them get justice. Do you believe this?

A cycle of injustice exists in our generation today because the injustices committed in the past remain unsolved. From the treachery committed against the Supremo, to the treachery committed against Ninoy Aquino, there seems to be no let-up on the crimes committed against people of principle.

This just shows that the justice system in this country is flawed and serves only the caprices of the rich and powerful among us.

It is not that we lack laws that punishes those who violate them---it is that the implementors of the law are weaklings and are readily influenced by money and influence.

As they say, the system can only be as strong as the people who operate them.

Even in a very ideal system, if the people who run this system is corruptible, then, there is nothing anyone can do except accept this or totally fire all these people and throw this system down.

Now, what President Aquino said in his speech is highly relevant. He personally wanted revenge. He felt that his family got the raw end of the deal when his father was assasinated.

However, a friend gave him a valuable advice--save your strength and focus on how to help other people victimized by the dictatorship.

This he did, according to Aquino.

An injustice cannot undo a previous injustice. It is only thru the imposition of true Justice can injustice be undone.

Now, if Aquino decided against using violence, then, why is it that he continues to do injustice to the perceived political nemesis of his father?