Saturday, September 6, 2014

Emergency Powers to Pnoy and Why we need to protest against it

Seems like those inside Malacanang already convinced Pnoy to issue an Executive Order granting for himself emergency powers to address the looming power crisis.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that this alleged power crisis is indeed serious and has already been the subject of talk since 2010. Meaning, this is not something which came out of the blue. Experts and Malacanan knew that we have a shortage caused by insufficiency of power plants.

Now, we ask---why are people, particularly Energy secretary Petilla wants Pnoy to arrogate for himself, legislative powers to address this so-called crisis? Simple.

Petilla and some members of Hyatt 10 want to expedite the signing of contracts which several private firms entered into with government. Some of these firms are just into the "permit processing" stage and without this "power", these firms will not be able to build and be operational earlier than 2016.

This looks pretty normal except of course if you know the persons behind those private firms, especially those who want to build solar power plants in the Visayas.

There are firms which the Petillas have an enormous interest about. Meaning, Petilla wants Pnoy to sign all those pending papers so that relatives of his will benefit from these deals, sources say.

Another grave concern is the group of businessmen with several mobile generators in their hands. They want to score big this time and they want government to enter into deals with them, similar to what these people did during Ramos' time.

The serious thing about these things is---monies to be "invested" in these plants are public monies and a part of it are to be sourced thru loans. These loans are again cloaked with sovereign guarantees which the People thru government are expected to pay with higher than usual interests.

The banking group is investing in power and they are waiting for this declaration of emergency powers to give themselves and their foreign principals some kind of assurance that those monies which they would loan

Honestly, Pnoy's hands are now tied because inaction means a pretty destabilizing situation come 2015 and 2016. This is very serious. Imagine how it would look like when this country enters 2016 with rotating brownouts. This could be used as a foil to hide the extrajudicial actions of several unscrupulous political operators and thereafter rig the presidential elections.

An obviously rigged electronic voting in 2016 could send this country into chaos.