Friday, September 5, 2014

Escudero-Poe tandem in 2016?

Escudero-Poe in 2016?
Car plates bearing the words CEP 2016 are all around town. Many says this is in preparation for the launching of the tandem of Chiz Escudero and Grace Poe, President and Vice President, respectively.

This explains the strategic date of Escudero's wedding--February of 2015. The only problem is, again, this "wedding of the century" got an early gift--a controversy. Chezka Litton accused Heart and Chiz Escudero as the ones responsible why her wedding in Balesin got bumped off. Every single time, this relationship always encounter snags and controversies.

Anyway, Escudero has not announced his intention to run for president but many are speculating that he will. Escudero is being backed by several businessmen involved in the extraction industries.

Grace Poe, meanwhile, denied any intention of running for higher office. Now, if she does, I will definitely account her for this.

Businessmen, which includes Washington Sycip is prodding Poe to take the jump. I think Poe is not that foolish. Sycip was the one who encouraged her father the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. to take the plunge. When FPJ accepted, Sycip reportedly abandoned the actor during the campaigns. So there.