Monday, September 15, 2014

Pnoy defends Alan Purisima

Before President Aquino left for Europe last Friday, he made a speech which surprised many. Some say, Aquino woke up probably refreshed and in good spirits that's why he made that speech. Others say, well, the presidential handlers were so effective in convincing Aquino to assume the role of this country's morale booster that he began being such the minute he went unto that podium and told us what many say, was his "second SONA (State of the Nation Address)".

First off, Aquino asked "us" if it is okey to fire such a man like Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima. He conveniently answered no. Aquino was convinced that Purisima is doing a great job, inspite of these high profile crimes being reported to the media.

So there. What these reported crimes are, are so unique that it baffles us, thinking Pinoys, why the very same guy whom we expect to be a model of reason and a paragon of anti-corruption is himself, so convinced of the efficiency of such a guy like Purisima.

Some say, probably Pnoy thought of "Purisima" as "Cesar" and not "Alan". Whatda...

Others say, Pnoy protected Purisima because he represents Masonic interests. Remember that Purisima is now the head of the Masons. If Pnoy replaces him at this point, this harms the Palace relations with the Masons?

Or maybe Aquino has not been briefed properly and thought that these crimes are mere indiscretions, that these crimes are bound to happen anyway, or that Aquino believed in that dictum "shit happens."

Well, these crimes involved cops, and it baffles the mind why the President did not hold Alan Purisima responsible for such nasty crimes which his own men were involved.

Remember that no news of any gambling joint or any jueteng front being dismantled under Alan Purisima's watch. Remember that drug addiction remains a very serious problem under Purisima's watch. Remember that high profile kidnappings and carnappings abound under Purisima's watch.

Such things are happening, yet, President Pnoy seemed unconvinced. Maybe Pnoy is living in a dream. Maybe he sees things very differently.

I challenge Pnoy to walk the length of Leveriza in Pasay or just spend an hour in Cubao, without bodyguards. Will he survive the Lakad Leveriza challenge? Will be survive an hour in Cubao without he being mugged or being snatched of his watch?

So low regard for the security of his bosses that Pnoy is convinced of lowering his standards just to protect a friend, a kabarilan, and someone who "produces."