Monday, September 15, 2014

Mayweather vs. Maiana--what a forgettable fight

As expected Mayweather outclassed that boxer named Maiana. Unlike their first fight, what Mayweather did in this second outing was as boring as the weigh-in--the American braggart just danced his way away from Maiana's strong jabs. Mayweather was so effective dancing that I felt like I was watching Swanlake.

Mayweather is a dancer, not a fighter.

The only applause the fans made was when Mayweather answered a question about Manny Pacquiao.  The American brags that he is considering a fight with the Pnoy champ probably after Pacquiao demolishes Algieri, a boxer of questionable note, in Macau this November. After that, let's see, says Mayweather.

I think Mayweather is now convinced that there is no more fights left for him, and that the only one worthy of considering is this fight with Pacquiao. Fact is, I believe Mayweather realized that his world is getting smaller by the day and fewer and fewer people are interested about him and his story as a boxer.

Yes, you may have all the belts in the world, but if you are a bore of a story, you'll eventually lose not just respect but support from boxing afficionados.

Championship belts are nothing. They don't prove you're the best fighter. Fighters are judged in the ring. I think Mayweather has already realized that he has nowhere else to go but fight the Pacman.

Conversely, the Pacman's story is something which every boxing afficiado finds quite interesting. Pacquiao has risen from the depths so to speak, after getting two serious losses in his career. That is an interesting story, because it says much about the human condition. People feel Pacquiao and thinks of him as a worthy act to follow than Mayweather. Yes, you may be undefeated because of one reason--you, Mayweather, do not have the balls enough to admit that maybe there is someone out there who are more of a fighter and a boxer than you. Unless you face your fear, people would never really consider Mayweather as the greatest one in boxing.