Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pnoy, what is happening in our society?

Criminality is on the rise, and predictably so. For one, these so-called "economic gains" have not been felt by majority of the population, leading to others, undertaking desperate measures just to survive in the highly competitive environment.

The World Bank in unison with the United Nations released a December 2013 report cautioning governments of the inevitability of the rise of economic-related crimes. As food prices spiral out of control, and this administration seems unable to protect the rights of the ordinary consumer, and of the bleak job environment out there, expect crimes to rise out of control.

But this is not just the reason. The general lack of trust and confidence of the people behind the implementing agency of the law is likewise contributing to the breakdown of law and order. Criminal groups are now embolden to commit heinous crimes because of the inability of security agencies to effect the full force of the law.

What we need right now is someone who possess the strongest of wills to break down criminal syndicates and smash the heads of vice groups.

Let the Law prevail. Let order be re-instituted.