Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Derek Ramsay---highest paid Pinoy actor at US$75 Million--and abandoned wife and son begging for 45 Million PESOS??

Derek Ramsay is the Philippines' highest paid actor. According to this article (please click on the link:, Derek Ramsay's estimated assets have totalled US$ 75 Million. Very interesting.

BASED ON NEWS REPORTS, Derek Ramsay's wife, Mary Jolly and their son, Austin, are asking for 45 million pesos--a measly US$ 1 million. That is pittance compared to the estimated assets of Derek which runs in the 75 million DOLLARS if this report is to be believed.

Now, Derek is saying that he is fighting for his right to be a father when in truth and in fact, he is quite adamant of giving spousal and child support??

How dare Derek is still questioning his abandoned wife's demands for spousal support when the sum demanded of him cannot really approximate the total value of monies he has generated from his job!

For those who think that 45 million pesos is quite a huge sum, think about this fact---both wife and child live in Dubai--one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Besides, by law, Mary Jolly is entitled to HALF of Derek's assets as his WIFE--that is about US$ 35 million. She is just asking US$ 1 million.

Austin, Derek's son, wants to study abroad---having a college education abroad is quite expensive. Just presume that he needs US$ 30,000 per semester or term--that is US$ 60,000 per year. Translate that to four years and that's already US$ 240,000.00.

Educational expenses alone would cost the mother and child one fourth of their monies from Derek's "spousal and child support".

Think about it before we believe the tales of this actor who cries before the public just to generate sympathy.