Friday, October 10, 2014

Dunkin Donuts TV commercial demeans women and when Derek Ramsay lied again to Angelica Panganiban

Talaga lang ah?
Are we so used and so jaded that we just simply tend to bypass things that actually injure us but appears harmless?

Take the case of Dunkin Donuts commercial featuring actor hunk Derek Ramsay. Nothing wrong with making donuts as sexy as this guy with a six pack abs, but, portraying women all ogling and like salivating infront of him and even wanting him, makes the commercial rather problematic for me.

The issue I have with this commercial is that the main actor, Derek Ramsay, has a legal tussle with his legal wife and kid. For years, this actor fooled so many people into believing that he is a bachelor and never married. For years, this actor made us believe that his relationship with Angelica Panganiban is one for the books, and that he is the "knight in shining armor."

He even lied again with Angelica Panganiban, who is now dragged into this controversy when Derek's wife Mary Christine Jolly filed a concubinage case by saying that Panganiban will eventually be excluded from the charge.

Everybody knows that in the crimes of concubinage, adultery or bigamy, the offended party charges both the offending spouse and his/her partner.

Anyway, going back to Dunkin Donuts...

There is a scene in the commercial where Derek is facing a group of women all wanting a slice of him. Nothing wrong? Well, Derek is a married man. And as far as I'm concerned, if you're a married guy you will not entertain any of these foolishness anymore, right?

It seems that this commercial even intends to encourage such a behavior and mind you, even with women??

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