Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kris Aquino---protective "momma" of actors with legal problems?

Several years ago, I remembered what Kris Aquino admitted in public--she wants to be the Local version of highly respected African-American TV host Oprah Winfrey. Kris was so enamored with her that she copied Oprah's every single move. Look at the sets of her shows and you"ll find that it looks like Oprah's, from the backdrop to the sala sets.

Oprah is known to be quite generous, and here you have Kris giving millions of pesos worth of prizes in ABS-CBN game shows.

Now, Oprah is considered as the No. 1 star in Hollywood, the most influential person right now in the United states. But inspite of her status, there is no news of Oprah using her influence to help a colleague with legal issues.

This is different with what the Queen of All Talk is doing, according to several people.

Talks swirled when news about Kris Aquino calling up some people to help beleaguered actor Vhong Navarro. Navarro was accused of rape by a former commercial model. How true?

Now, the Queen of All Talk is at it again, this time with highly controversial actor Derek Ramsay Junior.

Everyone knows that Derek Ramsay jr is encountering numerous legal problems, among those concubinage and of violating Republic Act 9262 or the law against violence committed against women and children.

A few nights ago, Kris Aquino was seen with Derek Ramsay in a concert date. This video was shown over TV 5 news program. TV5 as everyone knows, is Derek's home studio.

Every single soul in this country knows that the cases filed against Derek are now under initial investigation. Meaning, these are still being investigated.

How would it look if an accused is seen with Kris Aquino, THE PRESIDENTIAL SISTER?

Nothing wrong with dating someone but at least do it without being seen in public? How would it look if the PRESIDENTIAL SISTER is dating someone facing criminal cases?

Kris Aquino should exercise prudence sana in her actions because it affects other people. What would  Mary Christine Jolly Ramsay and her son say once they see her dating Derek?