Friday, October 24, 2014

Senate sub-committee hearing by Cayetano-Trillanes-Roxas a dirty tricks probe

The two senators whose behavior smacks of dirty politics
After watching how Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano treated businessman Antonio Tiu during the last hearing of the "sub" committee of the Blue Ribbon, I, along with millions of other ordinary taxpayers are convinced that what they are doing are just "in aid of political dirty tricks" instead of "in aid of legislation."

Everyone knows that Cayetano has his own hallucation of becoming president, which, at the very same vein, Trillanes also has his illusions of grandeur.

Trillanes may have coopted out and even chickened during those dramatic takeovers of hotels, yet, fascist thoughts still linger in his ape-like brain.

These hearings are by far, show how gross, stupid and how low these legislators would go just to further their own political dreams. I describe their plans as "dreams" because no voter would ever vote for these two people.

Imagine if these two are given executive powers---they would definitely use them to harass, harangue and prosecute businessmen and ordinary people who will stand before them.

Businessman Tiu went to the hearings to provide information and to rectify what these senators have accused him of.

Tiu, as everyone knows in the local business community, is an honest and astute businessman. Fact is, unlike others, Tiu wants nothing more than help jobless people by providing them with employment in his farms and businesses.

What Cayetano and Trillanes did was malign and sully the reputation of this man who, just like most of us, works for an honest living.

If these two, God forbid, succeed and eventually get themselves to Malacanan, how many more ordinary businessmen and people would they victimize?

I thank God that, this early, these two senators are exposing themselves and we are being given a glimpse of how these two nincoompoops behave or conduct themselves while in power.

Cayetano acts like a petty mayor who uses legalese just to prove his point. Trillanes, on the other hand, acts like a cop who bullies people and tries everything just for people to submit to his will. Let me rectify what I said--Trillanes is not a cop but a Fascist who wears high boots.

Worse, Trillanes has his own warped view of the world and he has this tendency of using everything at his disposal just so people would subscribe to what he hallucinates about.

These two senators have abused their powers. What is so unfortunate is that these two belong to OUR generation. Alan Peter Cayetano belongs to our generation and so does Trillanes. They should show the people how different our generation is compared with others.

As what former Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson once described a young Manila councilor who eventually became a senator---" so young, yet so corrupt."

Corruption involves not just stealing monies of the people. The worst form of corruption is not involving money but using one's power in a very abusive manner.

Cayetano and Trillanes should be ashamed. They should have been different. Yet, the very system which they tried to fight is the very sordid one who transformed them into pitiful bullies.