Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trillanes praising "Binay Dummy" Tony Tiu

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is trying very hard to pin down Vice president Jejomar Binay and for many reasons one of them, to save enough money to finance the gambling activities of his "you know who".

Trillanes is really trying very hard that he even went to the extent of picking a fight with a businessman Antonio "Tony" Tiu whom he now accuses of being a front or a dummy of Vice president Binay.

Maybe Trillanes may have forgotten that the very same property which he claims to be owned by Binay, was actually the site of a launching which he himself attended and even described Tiu as a "visionary"

Tiu has always claimed ownership of the project and the alleged "hacienda Binay" is actually a agritourism park developed by Tiu himself and which, if you see the video below, was even praised by Trillanes.

Napaka fake nitong si Trillanes na ito. Operator kasi eh.