Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trillanes made to eat humble pie when allowed entry at so-called "hacienda binay"

This early, we are being treated to a slew of dirty politicking that really shows how desperate Messrs Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano are just to pin down Vice president Jejomar Binay and other ordinary citizens.

Do you know that Trillanes agreed to visit the agri tourism farm of businessman Antonio Tiu at 3pm but came at 12 noon? Of course, the guards who are just doing their jobs would definitely not allow them entry for obvious reasons--the delegation are scheduled to visit the farm as agreed at 3pm, not 12 noon.

And you know why Trillanes etal did that---to make it appear that the owner or owners of the property do not want them there.

Shocked at how corrupt this Trillanes was, Tiu the businessman, was forced to go to this farm earlier than was what scheduled and agreed upon. So much for a gentleman agreement.

Nonetheless, the delegation was allowed entry--a fact that reflects the owner's willingness to really help clear the air and rectify those false accusations made during the Senate hearings.

Since he was made to eat humble pie and totally humiliated, Trillanes mumbled for the rest of the time that he was inside the farm---not knowing that the public already knew that he was one of those who initially praised the property of Tiu as " a successful venture" and even Trillanes described Mr. Tiu as a "visionary". So much for honesty of a public servant.

What Trillanes described as "fanciful", "lavish", was the very same place which he praised before when he was invited at the launch of the agri-farm of his "friend" Antonio Tiu whom he once praised for being a "visionary" and a friend of agriculture adviser Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan.

Trillanes is supposed to be investigating graft and corrupt practices. Yet, he himself is corrupt. Corruption involves not just playing or stealing other people's monies. Corruption also includes dishonesty and abuse of power.