Saturday, October 25, 2014

A father's take on the Senate hearings on Binay--please talk about other things and reject Grupo Cono (Cayetano-Trillanes-Pimentel-Roxas)

What more?
I just got my payslip and noticed how huge my tax deductions are. This tops those taxes being taken from me every time I eat out or buy something in the grocery or shopping mall.

Everytime I use the roads, I remember the road tax also taken from me every year. When I use my laptop or watch TV, I remember the taxes taken from me every single time I receive my Meralco billing. Each time I call or text, taxes are being taken away from me. And it irritates me whenever I see an erroneous entry in my Globe bill. You know why? Because it adds to the tax passed to me by this telco.

Even the money I keep in the bank are being taxed.

Me, my kids, their future
Every single centavo that I get from my employer, represents every single second I spent using my skills, my brain, and every single part of my body ache every week because of the strains and pressure of my work. And I'm not getting any younger. As I age, I lose opportunities. Yes, none of my skills are lost but time slowly eats me, sometimes, it eats me whole.

And then I see my kids--six of them--and I begin to worry.

With rising prices of foodstuffs, clothes, tuition fees, transportation--almost everything--how much more work do I need to do just to give them the life that I never had? What life will they have years from now? Would it be the life that I want for them?

will we sustain these gains when
dirty politics are being practised by our
so-called "leaders"
I remember how my grandparents, my mother, and my titos and titas tried very hard to raise me and provide me with the sustenance and the things I needed just to be able to finish college.

We were able to survive and get a good life because of government.

Every single centavo is precious to me. I am raising six highly active kids, my contribution to the Motherland.

That's why it irritates me, no it ANGERS me, to see my precious taxes being spent on useless hearings being conducted by three underperformers namely Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes and Koko Pimentel.

Instead of finding solutions to the pressing port congestion, rising prices of foodstuffs, MRT long lines, MRT operational problems, environmental destruction, peace and order and so many other things which make life so unbearable here, these stooges use these hearings just for their own selfish political reasons.

Check the websites of these gentlemen and ask them--what laws have they passed that benefitted me and my family? None! Trillanes put in his website that he was instrumental in the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. Where is it? It is still being debated!!

How about this Cayetano, what good did he do for the country? He just yacks, yacks, yacks. He wants us to forget that he, along with his forebears, were traitors of the Revolution. His father was also involved in an anomaly right? Cayetano and his wife were also charged with corruption and even election rigging. Instead of facing these issues like a man, Cayetano hides in the sanctity of the Senate. He is becoming so abusive.

I expect Koko Pimentel to allow the immediate passage of the Divorce Law since he himself has a very tragic personal experience about marriage but what is he doing? He is cavorting with the two other gentlemen just to exact his revenge when Binay accepted his main political nemesis as a member of the opposition.

These senators have an axe to grind against Binay, not to mention, their own personal ambitions or delusions you might say, of power and grandeur. Cayetano wants nothing more than the presidency, which, already the people are telling him not to aspire anymore since he's not capable. He cannot even solve his hair problems.

Trillanes has proven to be just a lapdog of the rich and famous, something which is expected of him. Remember those stupid outings he did in the past? Where did he allegedly fought the government of former president Gloria Arroyo? Hindi ba sa mga hotels? What will he do when he becomes vice president? Hold office too in hotels, I guess.

Worse, aside from wasting our precious taxes, these three wittingly or unwittingly allow themselves to play in the hands of the Cono group of Mar Roxas. Or maybe, these three already made a pack with the devil, pardon the pun.

If these three think that a Roxas presidency is better than Binay's or Grace Poe's or whoever, think again. The people know better. Roxas is a representative of the rich, those who own 90% of the country.

Under a Roxas presidency, expect further price hikes and expect the traditional rich, those high brow and with aquiline noses to amass more wealth.

Roxas represents neo-liberalism which means " selling every single government property to the private sector". This guy does not have a vision for this country. He is a salesman, yes. He will sell every single government agency and service to the highest and his most preferred bidder, which, incidentally, is the Ayala group.

This early, Roxas and his gang of misfits in government already revealed their true colors--they are partial with the Ayalas. The Ayalas want to own everything so that they will be able to charge exorbitant fees, the very same tactic they do with Globe and with their other "services".

The very reason why Roxas gets a very low trust rating is because the people know better. For the years that Roxas has spent in government, name just one thing that made our lives better? None! Fact is, prices of commodities and goods even went up, thanks to the neo-liberal policies of this man who is too thick-skinned, he even claims he's "Mr. Palengke."

Yes, Mar Roxas, indeed is "Mr Palengke" for Big Business--he promotes the sale of government services instead of the other way around. What we need is a builder for a future president. We don't need a salesman.