Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cayetano and Trillanes--desperados or desaperidos? Senators laying the scenario of "ambush-me" and blaming it on Binay?

Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV, the swash-buckling duo who initiated this extended telenovela called Senate Blue ribbon sub-committee probe on Vice president Jejomar Binay now says they are receiving death threats.

Cayetano said his staff received a call from an unknown caller asking him to "keep his silence or else,  isang bala ka lang" or to that effect, making me guess if the caller is a big fan of my deceased idol, FPJ.

Meanwhile, Trillanes was seen two days ago desperately trying to get free airtime over ABS-CBN. He just told the Inquirer of Binay's role during the Manila Pen siege and subsequently wants to extend this yarn by echoing the very same tale thru ABS. After his guesting over Umagang Kay Ganda, Trillanes then went over to Kabayan Noli de Castro, shortly after the interview of UNA spokesperson Toby Tiangco.

It was there in Kabayan's show that Trillanes then says that if Binay becomes president, the possibility of him being killed or incarcerated looms large. Binay, according to Trillanes is a vindictive person.

I am smelling something of a script here.

Maybe handlers of the two gentlemen are preparing a scenario similar to what former defense Juan Ponce Enrile did that justified martial rule.

Remember that time when Enrile allowed himself to be "ambushed" so that Marcos would have a justification for the declaration of martial rule?

What would prevent enemies of the vice president from ambushing these two senators so that they would put the blame on him? This is not a far fetched idea. I think these two and their handlers would even go that far for their personal and selfish political ambitions.

Is this the third part in this long extended tele drama? Will we see these two getting injured and then blaming it all to Binay? Kawawang Nognog---he's now to be blamed by an anak araw and a Hitlerite fascist for something he's totally innocent about.