Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Democracy under siege

Frankly, most of my generation are sick and tired of this decrepit system that we live in. We think that democracy provides us an environment of equal opportunity. We are conditioned to think that the system recognizes no color dominant, no race, no class and no family--dominant.

In every society, there exists dominant individuals who are recognized by us as the "ruling elite" but upon closer inspection, they dominate their societies based on being progenies or their claims of having that royal blood flowing in their veins.

Those who have fiefdoms given to them by foreign colonizers or those who seized huge tracts of land from indigenous tribes use these as platforms for dominance.

They don't dominate because they have far developed intelligences or they have unique skills that differentiates them from the rest of us.

Most of these claiming to be members of the elite are as ordinary as any other, and to allow those propertied to dominate and manage us, is to allow irrationality over rationality.

Democracy is under siege, far too long.