Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vice president Binay developing a Teflon-like personality, thanks to Cayetano and Trillanes

Anti-Binay attack dogs: Cayetano and Trillanes
Inspite of malicious attacks against him, Vice president Jejomar Binay remains on top of practically all presidential surveys, be it public or private. This is a phenomenon, rarely seen in Philippine politics.

In the United States, this phenomenon was observed during the heated attacks against Bill Clinton who survived an impeachment without resigning his post, a far cry from what Richard Nixon did during the height of the Watergate scandal.

President Barack Obama also enjoys what political pundits describe as a "Teflon-like" personality which many say as a trait of a politician who continues to be trusted by the public inspite of attacks against him by his political nemesis.

Binay's ratings are recovering, and this is being reflected in surveys after surveys. I cannot say that to his detractors, namely Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes. Inspite of having a television ad, Cayetano's trust and popularity ratings have slipped drastically and continue to slide down further south. Even having an advertising "genius" by the name of Greg Garcia by his side, Cayetano seemed unable to shake off the public's distrust of him.

Yes, a high percentage of people are aware of him (Cayetano), but a pitiful few trust him and see him as a potential president. His conversion rate is by far, the lowest among senators.

Worse for Trillanes. In the list of vice presidentiables, Trillanes even came close to third place. Now, Trillanes is not even in the list. This controversy dragged him to the pits, eighth spot.

Yes, many people know Trillanes but like Cayetano, his conversion rate is at its lowest. If elections are held today, and Trillanes is still a senatorial contender, chances are, he may even lose this.

The reason for this is simply, these anti-Binay elements misread the political landscape. They do not have statistics telling them of the people's pulse.

Surveys after surveys show that people like leaders and builders, not accusers and probers. People are tired of these investigations. People want their leaders to just do their jobs and give them solutions instead of accusing other government officials of malicious impropriety.

They vehemently deny it, but Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel appeared like attack dogs of anti-Binay elements. They need to admit it---they mishandle the probe. They have shown their impropriety early on. That's why it appeared before the public