Monday, December 15, 2014

A minority president in 2016 will affect RP economic performance

Those who are manipulating the public arena to force what analysts say as the election of a minority president are forewarned. Unlike 1992, when we have a personality like an ex-general winning over politicians and technocrats, the scenario in 2016, is entirely different. In the current roster of "presidentiables", no one can swing things about and create a favourable environment similar with what Fidel V Ramos achieved during his term.

The election of a minority president will surely be detrimental to the overall people's interests because he simply cannot issue policies that benefit the people more than Big Business.

A minority president will always be prey to the selfish motives of various forces. Such a president  will surely not move without incurring the ire or complaints of groups with ideological,business, and political interests.

2016 is most critical juncture in our history because it is supposed to be the continuance of our economic development that began in 2010. Economic revival started when investor confidence began pouring in. The Aquino administration used the anti-graft platform and began catching the attention once more of both foreign and local investors.

The finance department as well as different banks expect the Philippine economy to perform at par with 2014, which is good news.

I fear that we will face a self-created political instability when such a scenario happens. Even with the election of a "perceived political angel" in the person of a Grace Poe, if she is elected in a very tight contest, Poe can never use her political powers to effect changes in the bureaucracy.

The only reason why Aquino and his cabinet were able to effect changes was because of the president's high popularity, trust and approval ratings. These ratings discouraged "would-be" destabilisers of government.

If a minority president is elected, contending forces will always try to force a standoff with the winning administration. An aggrupation of several political forces which lost against the minority party will always be a serious threat to the very survival of the entire Republic.

It will likewise be a hard climb for the minority president since