Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Days without Mac

It's been two days and I'm missing my Mac, and badly.

All my relevant files are there inside that aluminum body case. My whole work for an entire two years are inside that hard disk. Fortunately, it's integrity is intact. The one who initially checked my laptop said it must be the i/o or the logic board. I want another opinion precisely because, Macbooks are expensive machines.

Fortunately, I have my HP screen touch laptop. This has been my backup since I began working with a Mac. It's good but the thing is, I am missing the sound from my JBL portable speaker. This laptop does not recognize this wireless wonder.

Years ago, Macs were tough ones. You can troubleshoot it.

Now, you can't because it will spoil the warranty. Macs, they say, are more sensitive now than before. I miss those sturdier macbooks.

For me, the next best thing is a Toshiba laptop. I used mine for several years before I retired it.

My mistake is that I did not buy an Apple Care. Had I did, this would not cost me much now.