Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Government pre-disaster preparedness shows what government really is for

IN all of Philippine history, it is not just human actions that shape or alter it--natural disasters are also instrumental in changing the course of our history. Fact is, Philippine history is replete with instances where heroic actions caused by men were reactions from the effects of geophysical changes happening in their midst.

In our times, had Typhoon Ruby maintained its super typhoon strength and battered the National Capital Region (NCR) to smithereens, it could have been a political game changer. Remember that this administration's ratings began to go south when it blundered relief efforts in Typhoon Yolanda. The public began to lose confidence in the capabilities of this government to protect them during disasters.

These past few days show how effective and how valuable government is to its people. The effective implementation of pre-disaster preparedness protocols was near perfect. Local Government Units (LGUs) were effective in organising rescue and relocation of people. One described what happened as the second biggest relocation effort since World War two.

And this is not easy. It takes a gigantic effort, a Herculian task that involves skill in logistical and chain management. For this, I take my hat off for the government.