Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Typhoon Ruby cleanses path for Pope Francis

In the bible and other ancient scriptures like the Noble Quran, water represents not just life but a way of cleansing oneself. In the deluvian story as narrated in the Book of Genesis, instead of fire, which consumes whatever it touches, God used water, a similar strong apocalyptic force yet instead of consummation, water actually cleanses.

Typhoon Ruby turned from a super typhoon into a mere tropical depression the minute she landed in Laiya in Batangas. Accurate rendition by the Pagasa made everyone feel safe.

Another storm is coming. If we are as prepared as what happened in the Ruby case, then, all will be fine.

Honestly, this is all we expect government to do for us---muster enough courage, gather all its resources to make us safe.

Now, I can't seem to shake off the idea that Typhoon Ruby was caused by God. Ruby went in a similar fashion like Yolanda, albeit, with minimal effects. Seems like Ruby was created to make way for Pope Francis? Was it God's way of cleansing the places of desolation which Yolanda wrought?