Monday, December 22, 2014

On MRT-LRT Fare Hike---Kapal!!

Just like what many predicted---these so-called mechanical and technical glitches which resulted even in certain injuries were used as reasons for the MRT-LRT fare hike. DOTC secretary Joseph Abaya says the 50% to 75% rate hike was "the right thing to do."


The right thing to do is for them, DOTC officials to do what is right and resign. They haven't done anything good for the country.

What is right is for them to stick to their annual budgets, hire the former firm that maintains the MRT system in tip-top condition and fire the Vitangcol firm that DOTC officials gave the privilege of maintaining the integrity of the system.

What is Right is for these officials to think of ways first of fixing all these problems using their present budgetary allocations before even arriving at a conclusion that the fare hike is the only solution.

It is always the policy of this administration that for every incompetent action made by government, let the public suffer the consequences. It's always a "pass-on" thing.

The public is now more knowledgeable than before. The public should not be made victim of this incompetence.

It is time to militate and show the government that enough is enough.

The Filipinos are not suckers for bad services. We pay for what is Right and that Right is anchored on quality service.