Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is Grace Poe the President we need come 2016?

Are we really so desperate that, because of our perception that the Vice president is corrupt that we will sacrifice practically everything and elect an incapable person as President come 2016?

I am referring to Senator Grace Poe. For starters, I have nothing against the good senator. Fact is, I was one of those who fought and even sacrificed my future for her father, FPJ. I believed in what FPJ stood for and for that, I gave my all just to make sure that he wins that election. Everyone knows now that Arroyo and her minions rigged the elections and snatched victory away from FPJ.

Poe is not the ideal candidate for president. For one, she does not know the workings of government. Remember that she spent most of her years as a kid and as an adult abroad and even abandoned her Philippine citizenship when she resided in the continental states.

Government is not Poe's cup of tea. How then will we entrust the affairs of government to her, just because of our perception that she is "clean" and without "corruption"?

Corruption is one thing embedded already in the very bureaucracy that defines our system. We need to destroy the very system first in order to extract, and uproot corruption from its very core. Is Poe the one to uproot this from the very system which she so nurtured and loved as a member of the elite?

Some say, the un-initiated can be taught, just like what we did with Cory. Bull. Crap.

Was government under Cory better off than, say what Marcos did or what Erap or FVR did during their terms? Remember that during Cory's time, it began the selling of government assets, long brownouts and a never-ending political instability that caused the country so much.

There was a "saving grace" under Cory--she revived democracy and we recovered our liberties. This is another invention.

Yes, we recovered our voices at the expense of losing the pillars of industry that are supposed to ensure our future. That explains why Big Business loved Cory--she was the one who sold most of what the people built during Macapagal and Marcos time and gave it to her business allies.

Are we ready to accept that Grace Poe will continue the Aquino policy of selling government assets and the policy of not building anything, not creating the industrial infrastructure to ensure the people's future? Seems like it because that is what Poe understands about the "Tuwid na Daan."

Tuwid na daan, for all its supposed value, is really a failure. For one, Tuwid na dawn simply means for those who implemented it that everybody should toe the line otherwise, you'll suffer. Its simply a straight line going nowhere. It likewise means "Business as usual" because it is not supposed to be going up but definitely not going South either. It's just a straight line. No change, we simply continue the good aspects of the previous administration and get rid of the perception of corruption on the large scale.

There is a strong possibility of Grace Poe agreeing to become the administration's standard bearer. Is Poe cognisant of the very symbolism that this entails?

When Poe dons the administration jacket as its standard bearer, she does so as a member of the very elite that conspired against her father. Poe will actually be joining the very people that united against her father.

Is Poe ready to sacrifice the strong goodwill the people reposed on her by agreeing to become president and later, vilified because of her innocence of real politic, her lack of management skills and her inability as a consensus builder?

Remember that should the 1992 election scenario repeats itself, Poe will have a very hard time as President because of her election as minority president. For six years, the government under her will be held hostage by various Big Business interests which will undermine her own concept of governance and her own concept of serving the people. Will Grace Poe muster enough political will to effect the changes she desires for the people?