Friday, December 5, 2014

Prayers will protect us from supertyphoon Ruby

Before I begin this blog entry, let me enjoin you to pray.

Two years ago, when a similar strong typhoon was reported to be hitting RP in the next few days, we prayed. And this typhoon did not really cause so much damage.

Now that Supertyphoon Ruby is now within striking distance, I urge you, my friends, colleagues, and readers to pray with me. Petition the Father to protect us from this natural phenomenon. Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we praise and worship your Most Holy Name. 
Father, we thank you for the daily blessings You bestow upon us
We thank you and praise you for protecting us daily against dangers
Father, let our praises reach You in Your Heavenly abode.

Father, please forgive us for the sins that we commit against You.
Cleanse us of our sins. We admit our shortcomings and let Your Grace
so shine upon us so that we become shining examples of Your Love.

Father, let Your Angels descend from heaven
Empower them and Ask them to protect my fellow Filipinos there in all of the Visayas and of Mindanao
Protect my kabayanis in all those places where this supertyphoon will pass.
Give them strong shelters against the strong wind that this supertyphoon will blow.
Give them food to warm their stomachs as this typhoon pass
Give them light to guide them
and forever give them the strength and resilience of spirit
so that we overcome this 
by Your will, we will. Amen.