Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where are Ernesto Mercado's paramour's medico-legal records?

Former Makati vice mayor turned "whistleblower" Mercado just came back from the United States. Upon landing at the airport, Mercado immediately gave himself available for interview. He dared his former friend, Vice president Jejomar Binay to a debate.

What an idiot.

Debate on what? Debate on who really owns that hacienda? Debate if there is really an overpriced building, things which the courts already found to have been of no consequence because of lack of evidence to substantiate allegations of corruption?

I think Mercado has done his share in the obvious campaign of villification against Binay. He is now immortalized as the gambler drunkard who exposed everything he did wrong for a friend. I mean, if you closely look or analyze Mercado's testimonies, those were self-confessions, and not in anyway, prove any complicity on the part of Binay.

He got commissions from the building contractors. He purchased land and put it under his name. His confessions are all about what he did. Is there any shred of evidence that proves Binay's guilt? These are just insinuations.

This issue is best resolved thru the courts, not in the court of public opinion.

Now, what was the true reason why Mercado went to the United States? Some say he visited his ailing wife.

Others say, well, Mercado went to the United States to secure his dollar accounts now amounting to millions of dollars.

What is most relevant is the news that Mercado went to the United States to "take care of business". He went to the US reportedly with a close Roxas associate (some say, former Roxas associate).

Was Mercado trying to find properties of Binay in the United States? Or he is securing witnesses who knew the real score as to what happened to the alleged death of his paramour, the daughter of the popular comedian Babalu several years ago?