Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Will Grace Poe prosecute Abad etal for DAP?

Seems like the Palace is now an inch near its objective--force an understanding with Senator Grace Poe and convince her to become the administration's presidential bet come 2016. And it seems that the Poe camp is nearing a decision. 

There is no issue--Grace Poe is being projected right now as a "political angel." People perceive her as "clean". No doubt about it if Grace really embraces what his father believed and died for--the dream of a new day for the hapless masses.

If the only consideration for Grace to run is to fatten her financial support base or to ensure the protection of certain members of the Aquino administration from possible prosecution due to the much ballyhooed Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), then, that is NOT, to my mind, what her father wanted.

This early, Poe's actions are at best, populist. But, can she really pull a wonderful magic rabbit out of her hat the minute she is elected as minority president? We all know what happened in Cory's time, when she was elected not as largely as what everyone thinks but as a minority president as well. She managed the affairs of the state in a very destructive way.

Will Poe fix even the serious traffic situation even in the Metro?

The only question to my mind is this---who are the people behind Grace Poe? Are they also clean? What about her husband? Is he also as "clean as a whistle"?

Was there no point in the nearly six year political career of Poe that she was not involved in any DAP-influenced project or projects? Who finances her moves? No politician ever uses his own money in politics. They always have sponsors, mostly carpet baggers who patiently wait along the aisle for projects for their donee to throw their way.

What Grace Poe should consider is this---the possibility of her being enticed to the "administration" so that the mystique of the Poe name is tarnished or diminished. FPJ, Grace father, is more than a movie icon. He symbolises the hopes and aspirations of the Filipino. And these hopes are anchored towards a belief that actions of government must emanate from a clear determination of the people's collective welfare.

In the last time when Poe commemorated her father's death, the good senator mentioned the phrase "tuwid na daan." Maybe Poe thought that the "Bagong Umaga" concept of which her father was widely known for, runs in parallel with this yellowish mantra?

Ms lady senator, the "Bagong Umaga" concept is totally different with that of "tuwid na daan." Tuwid na dawn presupposes that government is getting no where and the solution is simply make everyone toe the line.

"Bagong Umaga"is all about renewal, regeneration, rebirth. What FPJ aspired for is a totally different government, run and managed by competent people and decisions are based on collective action. It is revolutionary. It does not consider a middle road but a sure path towards development.

Consistent with the "Bagong Umaga" concept, will Poe consider prosecuting those who committed grievous sins against the people during Aquino's time?

Will Grace Poe be her "own woman" or will she just run for the sake of those who fear prosecution post-Aquino?