Sunday, January 25, 2015

10 Good Things Which Will Happen in a Mar presidency

Top ten Good Things which will happen if Mar wins the presidency

1. Free tickets to Araneta centre
2. Sugar prices will go down.
3. There will be more Araneta centres because the Araneta family will be able to recover those disputed land.
4. Food prices will go up--a good thing for restaurant owners.
5. Ratio of crude oil to biodiesel from sugarcane will increase--good for environmentalists.
6. Govt saves millions because Mar will go around town riding a motorbike.
7. Free helmets, anyone?
8. A 10 kilo sack of onions will just feel like 1 kilo when carried
9. Korina Sanchez will tape her Rated K episodes inside Malacanan
10. More lives will be lost during disasters helping government's population program!