Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 10 Things Why MTRCB should bar Filipinos from watching the Senate probe on Binay

These are the Top 10 Things Why MTCRCB should bar Filipinos from watching the live telecast of the Senate sub-committee of the Blue Ribbon on the alleged corruption of Vice president Jejomar Binay.

1. Probe perpetuates Toilet humor. MTRCB should stop the telecast because Filipinos are now being fed with toilet humour. Imagine, Filipinos are being fed information from a person who admitted committing impropriety already yet remains scot-free and government even financing his daily life as a witness? Is that toilet humour or not?

2. Probe teaches kids to commit crimes and when push comes to shove, blames it to another just because it benefits the political plans of another. The primary witness now says he did not get any cent from the deal when in truth and in fact, he admits getting commissions from every single deal he closes for his principals.

3. Kids learn to disrespect women. Poor Atty. Berberabe, president of Pagibig! One of the inquisitors, err Senators, by the name of Antonio Trillanes IV tried to bully her into admitting what he wants to hear---that Berberabe tried to accommodate the imagined requests of the Vice president to use Pagibig funds for commercials. Berberabe says this is entirely not true and false, but Trillianes rudely interrupted her. So much for PMA'ers being officers AND GENTLEMEN.

4. Soldiers learn Machievelli the wrong way. A former soldier, Trillanes considers what he is doing right now as his "mission", so much so that he will even bully a lady like Berberabe just to elicit things which he and his handlers want to hear. When you're in a "mission", do everything, even bully people into submission. That's the Trillanes way.

5. People learn that in order to escape prosecution, try to create an image of being a "rat". Mercado says "I did this" and " I entered into this" and " I signed this deal" before the very throng of our distinguished Senators and the eventual conclusion---he's sinless and just being honest.

6. People learn the dictum " direct admission is the best evidence" the wrong way, again! Trillanes said "direct admission is the best evidence". Then, why is it that Mercado continues to remain scot-free even if he admitted entering, cooking and signing the alleged BSP deal?

7. People see Hitler each and every time. This probe continues to contribute towards the slide of popularity and trust of the people behind the Senate as an institution. They even see Hitler every single time someone from the inquisitors' panel, err Senator's panel asks questions.

8. Kids learn that politics is the art of realising make-believe. Most of Mercado's accusations fell by the wayside, and people are not convinced. How would you be convinced when each and every time he opens his mouth, he confesses to the sins and for him to escape prosecution, blames another for his crimes even though there is no evidence to back his "testimonies" and "admissions"? Mercado weaves a "make-believe" scenario with the senators' wide eyed and trying to contribute their own "make-believes" to make everything, real.

9. Expert Filipino weavers learn weaving the wrong way...for the third time! Men behind Mercado and obviously, the inquisitors, err Senators, are trying to weave a scary fairy-tale. They want us to believe that the VP profited from a so-called overpriced building even if there is no evidence to support the claim and inspite of testimonies countering such accusations. They want us to believe that Binay had a hand and benefitted from the BSP deal when already the BSP and Alphaland already said nothing irregular happened. They want us to believe that Mercado was an "angel" and got nothing out of the deal when Alphaland executives told the panel that Mercado tried to convince them to part with something in exchange for his "silence". Why is it that the Senate refuses to begin a probe into Mercado's alleged attempts to get "monies" in exchange for his "silence"?

10. Kids are being taught that if you are poor, you are not expected to get rich. Suspicions, suspicions, suspicions! Try to study all of these things and you"ll arrive at one definitive conclusion--the suspicion that the reason why the Binays got rich is only thru corruption.

Mar is rich because he was born rich. Grace Poe cannot be suspected of getting rich because she was born into it. Chiz, the same, without questioning how in the world did his father got his millions serving a dictator.

It is impossible for the Cayetanos to steal monies because they are rich, forget that Belle Corp scam and that land deal or those deals involving a Cayetano and an Enrile.

Fact is, it is impossible for all members of the Hyatt 10 or the Cabinet to get rich because every single one is, at best, a scion of a traditionally rich family or an inheritor of the political heritage of one's father or grandfather.

IN the case of VP Binay, he is not expected to become a millionaire because for all his life, he was just a mayor. If you're a mayor and you came from the poorest of the poor, where did you get your millions?

This same thinking affected former senator Manny Villar who also worked his way up from being a poor Tondo boy to become the country's richest real estate developer.

Manny Pacquiao suffers the same despicable treatment when he bought a property at the Forbes. Manny Pangilinan or MVP also encountered the same treatment from Manila's alta sociedad.

Other poor people who worked their way into wealth due to their perseverance, strong will, hard work and intelligence like Jose Acuzar and the rest of the throng are silently being talked about in Manila's social circles because the traditional rich cannot believe for themselves that such poor men can actually eclipse them in the financial department.

The same thing--how can a poor guy such as Binay become president? His only claim to fame is being a human rights lawyer.

This cono attitude harks back to the colonial era when Indios were vilified and looked upon with disdain by both the Insulares and the Peninsulares.

Obviously, this same racist bunch exists in our society today.