Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cops' death should be avenged

Policemen are symbols of state power. They are the implementors of law. Without them, chaos and discord will dominate civil society.

That is why in other societies, there is an unwritten code--you must not kill cops, otherwise, you mock your government by killing the very person tasked in implementing the law.

When you kill cops, it is like saying that we don't respect law and order.

Now, with the brutal and inhumane execution of these cops, will you still trust and respect cops? Obviously, there is an effect insofar as perception of cops is concerned.

How will you now respect a cop when rebels and ordinary criminals can just gun them down and tore them to pieces?

IN the criminal world, respect is earned. Trust too.

That's why I understand where former mayor and elite cop Alfredo Lim is coming from. He says that in his time, when someone kills a cop, his other cops immediately reply by applying the same amount of force the killer used against their colleague. And sometimes, the response is worse than the crime committed.

And then the avenging cops show the carcass err corpse of the cop killer for all the world to see--a message to everyone that do not mess up with the law.

Now, with this massacre, what kind of respect will we now accord to cops, when, as one person said, "these cops were turned into minced meat by Moro rebels."?

Time to show these monsters what is this thing called "True Justice."