Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pnoy's speech on SAF massacre in Maguindanao: If the President knew then why the absence of coordination between SAF and MILF?

The Ilustrado has a point. Read the commentary at It speaks about President Benigno S. Aquino III's admission that he knew of the operations of the Special Action Force (SAF) in Maguindanao which eventually led to the massacre of 44 SAF members and injured scores of others.

The Ilustrado says, if President Aquino knew then did he communicated it to the OPAPP Teresita Deles so that she, in turn, informed their counterparts at the MILF that such an operation is to be undertaken?

Now, if President Aquino did not, then, it is his direct fault why those SAF members were summarily executed or massacred.

Meaning, Aquino, in the banner story of the Inquirer, admitted lack of coordination. So, that is direct admission from our Chief Executive that inspite of his knowledge of this operation, he chose not to coordinate this with the MILF, or even at the very level of his supposed alter-ego at the DILG, Secretary Mar Roxas.

There is nothing illegal about what the President did, since it is his discretion to remain "dark." What is most glaring to say the least is that this admission tries to bolster the MILF position that "there is no coordination, hence, patayin naming kayong lahat" stance of Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief Al Haj Murad.

The implications of the President's silence is deafening. First, it shows insincerity not of the MILF, but of the government. We're supposed to be partners and here you are not informing us that your forces will try to enter our territory to get a supposed international terrorist?

The other question is---is it the sole responsibility of the SAF commander to inform even the MILF about his operation? Isn't funny that the President tries to blame the SAF commander for the "lack of coordination", when this very same coordination should have been the responsibility of the SAF civilian higher ups, meaning, it is the responsibility of the OP or Office of the President to coordinate since this involves a higher level than the level of the SAF commander.

I don't buy the alibi made by the President that the SAF commander did not provide them with enough information or failed to coordinate. If that was the case, then, surely, it was very easy for the President or even PNP chief Alan Purisima to just "call off" the mission since the commander provided them with very scant info about the whole operation?

Why blame the SAF commander when his job is tactical? It is not his job to inform the "enemy" meaning the MILF--it is the job of the civilian authorities to coordinate with the MILF thru the International Monitoring Group (IMG).

Talagang walang magandang lusot dito ang Palasyo, tsk, tsk, tsk!