Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Government trying to cover up faux pas in Maguindanao massacre clash between MILF-PNP SAF?

Some news outlets have articulated the MILF position that the SAF members were killed or "summarily executed" because they did not coordinate their arrest or operation with the MILF and the International Monitoring Team (IMT). This is what Mohaqer Iqbal, MILF chief negotiator and chairman of the Bangsamoro Transition Council says in defending the actions of their men last Sunday in Maguindanao.

However, a high military official yesterday countered what Iqbal said. This official said that coordination was made but it was too late for the AFP to respond because cops were already inside the MILF camp and they were threatened that if they send reinforcements, they would be in effect, violating the peace agreement.

Someone should be held responsible for this dastardly crime. These slain cops must get justice. Will we just shrug this off and will we allow the perpetuators of this crime, those who shot, killed and beheaded these brave cops to go scot-free?

Ironic isn't it? Those who are responsible for effecting justice are themselves victims of injustice.

Government, according to sources, is trying to contain the fall-out. It has a plan to just sweep this thing under the rug.

We must not allow this to happen. Government must put those who executed these cops behind bars. Government must press charges. Government publicists are trying to condition our minds to accept that it is these cops' fault that they met lethal force