Monday, January 5, 2015

Government's gift to the Filipino People---rate hikes in MRT/LRT, water and electricity

Yesterday, the DOTC raised MRT/LRT rates purposely to amass about 2 billion pesos to give to their partner company concessionaire for the rehabilitation of the line.

Today, water firms are asking for 38/clm adjustment in their water bills. That translates to about 4 pesos additional charge in consumer February water bills.

And of course, not to be left behind is Meralco which will raise electricity rates also by this month to be reflected in February.

Apart from MRT/LRT, we consumers will be feeling the effects of such rate hikes come February.

Am I living in a different country? I thought we are having such good economic growth and that we are getting so much economic blessings then why the hell is government raising all these things???

Seems like it is just business owners of Big firms who are feeling this economic blessing. Consumers are left in the lurch.

This is too much. Only idiots will agree with these things.

The government is testing our patience. We, consumers, need to respond, quickly and with ferocity.

We are being taxed heavier than our Asean neighbours and what do we get in return? sloppy service.

I heard that the National Coalition of Filipino Consumers (NCFC) will lead the charge for the welfare of consumers. Groups are thinking of filing cases against DOTC and MWSS yet such matters take time. Consumers need a TRO, and fast.

The MRT/LRT management is now taking so much from commuters. Everyone needs to act.