Saturday, January 3, 2015

Philippine Postal Services still archaic--warning to Ebay buyers

I don't know if you remember this post-apocalytic movie of Kevin Costner? The era was set shortly after a "global war". The entire confederation of the United States got obliterated. Order has to be re-established, since various rogue groups want power for themselves. You know what convinced people that there is still a national government around? The postal service.

Truly, postal services remind us still of the existence of government. It is a sure-fire way for government to remind people of its relevance to their lives. It is a personal service.

Unfortunately, postal services here in the Philippines is still underdeveloped. Fact is, I think they still use the Spanish system in delivering mails and what-have-yous.

That explains why people are really not believing what the Aquino administration is always bragging about--the improvement in social services.

I bought a nice vintage military jacket thru E-bay. The transaction is swift using my credit card. Transatlantic Vintage surplus says that I should expect the item to arrive via Royal Mail from December 9 to 17.

It is now January 3, and I haven't received the item as promised. The purchase was made last November 27. The seller is a registered Ebay member since two years ago and maintains an office in London.

I paid nearly 55 pounds for this item, a hefty sum for me. I paid 14.99 for postage and delivery services, equal to more than a thousand pesos. And this is the kind of service that I get?

I made inquiries and thru the Philippine Postal Corporation track and trace, managed to get information that the item is stuck in the postal service office, since it arrived last week of November 2014.

I know this is the holiday season and these kinds of problems do happen. What is preventing the delivery of the item baffles me.

Now that we are entering ASEAN integration, postal and delivery services are highly important services to the businessman and investor. Late deliveries cost money.

I read that the policy of Royal Mail is they are not responsible for delays in international mail. Okey, so what happens now to the 1,000 plus pesos I paid for them to deliver the item in its pristine condition?

How about the Philippine Postal Services Corporation? Am I entitled or do I have the right to claim damages caused by delays in delivery? In a just system, yes, because this has caused me tremendous anguish. Imagine, waiting and waiting and you don't know what happened to your post.

I tried to use the Track and Trace services of Philippine Postal services and yes, you are right--it is not working.

This is a warning to those buying thru Ebay.