Friday, January 23, 2015

Mar Roxas, official LP bet as Prexy: 2016 elections and possible new alliances and breaking up of traditional political parties

" O, pag presidente ka na ah, kalimutan mong
nagkaroon ng DAP, okey? DAPat makalimutan
para di ako malagay sa kangkungan, gets mo?
Ayokong maging "like teacher, like student"
Several sources revealed what has been expected a very long time ago---the possible anointment of DILG secretary Mar Roxas as the administration's candidate. Roxas is a member of the Liberal party and obviously, the party's "sentimental" choice, according to Senate president Franklin Drilon. This was confirmed by House speaker Sonny Belmonte who says that, as of the moment, Roxas is the party's "best bet." Belmonte, however, defers to the President who remains the party's chairman emeritus.

Roxas is expected to be proclaimed as the top choice come March which obviously, is again expected since it will give him sufficient time to campaign. As I said a very long time ago, election year starts this month and ends on the last week of April 2016. Fact is, voters traditionally make their final choice of their candidates come February and there is a very small number of voters who change their choices during the formal campaign period (February-April).

What became of Grace Poe, who was said to be one of the choices of the administration? Seems like negotiations fell thru and Poe remains with her "sentimental choice" as a party, which is, the opposition.

How about this purported plan of using her as a Binay counterfoil, positioning her as a presidential bet first, to break the opposition ranks, and eventually, plan for her alliance with the Liberal party as vice presidential?

It seems that this will not happen. These insidious brains behind the LP and the administration implemented a strategy called "using one's enemy as an enemy of my main enemy."

Poe's handlers know that she is just being used by the administration to destroy the traditional mass base of Binay. Poe and Binay share the same constituency. However, what they failed to realise is that Poe's constituency is literally only on paper, not as real as that of Binay's.

Binay has the machinery--Poe does not. In the 2010 elections, Poe relied on the machinery of Escudero and of UNA. She was actually a choice of Team Pnoy, of Estrada's UNA, even of the NP.

Besides, let me refresh your memories and remind everyone that the Comelec initially pronounced her getting 20 million votes (which is more than the expected figure of votes cast) which eventually whittled down to 16 million in the final tally.

How about the view that the LP will use former president Joseph Estrada as another casa for opposition disunity?

Estrada is being urged not by well-meaning friends, but by forces close to the administration to be the cause of opposition disunity. Unknown to these people, Estrada is a very astute and very intelligent politician. He knows the character of people. He knows the game very well.

He will probably play along, yet, at the end game, will follow what his heart desires.

Estrada's SC decision is a political game changer, simply because it revives sectoral interest in support of the opposition ranks. With the declining public approbation of the administration, there is now a slowly developing force or movement, you may call it, leading towards a unified front against the administration.

Analysing this, this is all because of the un-doing of this administration. Because of the ambition of certain people who think it is their destiny of assuming power post-Aquino, their selfish interests have contributed toward the erosion of the people's positive views of this regime.

PANSININ--there is no more mention of "tuwid na daan" in some of the President's speeches, leading us to think that this early, "tuwid" is no more as adherence to the "straight path" but being interpreted now as "tumid" belly. And you know why.