Friday, January 23, 2015

Mercado accuses Binay anew---this time, allegedly messing up BSP investments

Defeated Makati mayoral candidate Mercado is at it again. He now accuses his former boss and now Vice president Jejomar Binay Jr of another anomaly, this time involving the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP).

As a former Junior Assistant Scout Master (and an awardee of Scout's highest award--the Citizen's Award), this issue is very close and very dear to me. I sacrificed most of my youth serving the Scouts movement. I never knew that this movement of ours is financially stable. When I was still a Scout leader, there was not enough funds for us to even make do a decent camping event, even if we, scouts, gave our contributions.

And now, this. Seems like some people, particularly Mercado, even had the gall of dragging the Scouts movement into this monumental funds mess.

What is most evident in Mercado's testimony is the very fact that HE ALONE SIGNED AND WORKED ON THIS DEAL WHICH HE NOW CONDEMNS AS ANOMALOUS.


This CONFIRMS my earlier belief that this Mercado is the one committing all these corrupt crimes. All those he accused Binay of, fell short. 

Mercado accused Binay of profiting from the alleged overpriced Makati building when he himself, directly admitted receiving at the very least, 80 million pesos from it.

Mercado accused Binay of profiting from the alleged Makati science building while not specifically indicating the exact amount of which Binay allegedly profited from.

Mercado accused Binay of not profiting exactly from the Boy Scouts of the Philippines a very exact amount of 188 million pesos and by the decimal even, proving that he knows exactly what they profited from this deal from.

How can Binay profit from this when he, Mercado, himself signed this deal? This admitting if the deal was indeed made with malicious intent.

We need to be more CIRCUMSPECT when it comes to these alleged revelations made by Mercado. I think he is just trying to extricate himself from the very crimes he committed while in the service of Binay.

Let our eyes be open. Let us not be misled by this political propaganda.

However, I am not saying that Binay is a saint. Obviously, I don't believe that a veteran politico like Binay committed no sin.

What I hold as gospel truth is the fact that Binay is not as greedy as what Mercado is trying to picture him to be.

I think it is not in Binay's nature to really steal from the public coffers. Why? One proof is that he chose early on in his career to work as a human rights lawyer instead of working in a private firm serving the interests of the rich and famous.

That choice defines the man. Binay has a heart for the poor. Had Binay chose to become rich, he could have chosen a career as a corporate lawyer. Every single lawyer out there knows that it is not an easy decision to tread that career choice during the time when a dictatorial regime reigns supreme.

Mercado's tirades are actually some form of concealed disdain over the achievements of a guy who worked his way towards eventual greatness.

It is like saying that a poor guy does not deserve to become president and probably he earned his improved financial condition thru thievery or corruption.

This is obviously a CONO-inspired rant.