Sunday, January 11, 2015

Missing US$6.4 million of mining firm sent to Al Qaeda in Mali and Peru?

Former local partners of this Singapore-based mining firm which was reportedly controlled by three Indian nationals are asking their foreign counterparts where they reportedly hid monies amounting to US$ 6.4 million which were proceeds from the illegal extraction and sale of Black sand.

Upon scrutiny, funds generated from sale of the minerals have been laundered to Peru and Mali, reportedly personally admitted by the Indian nationals who once controlled the firm here in the Philippines.

The reported laundering and sending of those monies were, according to one of the Indian nationals, given as so-called "protection money" to an Al Qaeda leader by the name of Dawood Ibrahim. These Indian nationals reportedly bragged how strong they are with the international terror group.

One of the Indians admitted that the Dawood Group also send monies in the Philippines, to be laundered to Peru and Mali upon the guise of having a mining operation there. It was discovered that there was no mining operation in those countries.

The Bureau of Immigration has already deported one of them, while the other two are said to be enjoying the protection of local officials who are reportedly benefiting from the "financial arrangement" they have with the Indian nationals.

I want to alert the authorities about the possibility of these so-called "sleeper cells" now operating here in the Philippines under the guise of legitimate business operations. As what Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison says, if you are a legitimate tourist or you want to do business here, you are welcome.

But if you are just going here for the purpose of terrorism or doing illegal things like money laundering, then, wait for your immediate deportation. You cannot do this here.