Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pinoy nurse fired due to offensive online comments in Singapore

A Pinoy nurse was fired by administrators of a hospital in Singapore, allegedly after posting "offensive, racial comments" in his Facebook account. In a statement published in their FB account, administrators of Tan Tock Seng hospital accused the Pinoy of making comments which are offensive to religion and race.

I will not name the Pinoy nurse except to say that yes, I read his comments and yes, it is offensive. Singapore promotes racial harmony and commenting such things are actually criminal offences. It is a well-known policy in Singapore for its citizens as well as others, to respect someone's religion and race.

There is historical precedence behind this policy. During the sixties, Singapore encountered a very serious social issue between Malays and Chinese Singaporeans which led to the deaths and destruction of property. That one mark in their history convinced their leaders to promote racial harmony. Obviously, Singaporeans are very careful of making acts that are deemed injurious to existing harmony there.

That's why when I was working there, I was very careful in my acts and in expressing my thoughts about things going around there in Singapore. Fortunately though, I was blessed to work in a company that truly believes in racial harmony that's why I told myself that I"ll personally promote this thinking even after I finish my employment in there.

Now, is it right that this nurse was fired by the hospital after expressing his views online? To me, yes, because hospitals like Tan Tock Seng, are subject to regulation and public policy. I think the action was made to protect them from the possible legal repercussions created by this nurse's actions. Had the hospital admin retained the nurse, it may be interpreted as they are condoning the acts.