Friday, January 9, 2015

The machinery of Cheating is slowly being put in place for 2016

The way the Commission on Elections approved a 2 billion peso deal with Smartmatic made several raised eyebrows. For one, there were many questionable provisions in the deal, and two, Smartmatic still owe us those machine codes which they failed to submit to the poll body for the past two elections now.

Meaning---how credible the results of the elections were? Several politicians of course, refused to reveal their own observations since it affects their own interests.

We were made to believe thru mind-conditioning propaganda that cheating has been totally eliminated thru automatic counting.

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez in an interview with Luchi Cruz last night over at TV5 says that whatever negative comments against the deal, especially the use of those highly controversial PCOS machines, what those detractors failed to surmount is the accuracy of the count by those machines.

Those machines can count, sure. They can churn in numbers. What Jimenez refused to "authenticate" is how credible those numbers are.

For those results to pass our standards, those results must (1) be accurate even to the last decimal number and (2) must come from a true transmission source.

(more to follow...)