Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 IS EDSA 2-9 (TUNAY)

NEARLY THIRTY, BUT THE PROMISES OF EDSA REMAIN UNFULFILLED. The reason is simple--it was not anchored on the true pursuit of peace, justice and freedom.

For twenty nine years, this country passed from one political family to another, from tragedy to tragedy until now. From the tumultuous Aquino family, power shifted to a Ramos, who was a member of the family who preceded Aquino. After Ramos, an aberration which the group of Ramos corrected by installing a Macapagal-Arroyo. For nine long years, the country suffered under her tyranny. She was allowed to finish her term. After her, we elected another Aquino which we now see as unfit, a year and half unto his term.

For twenty nine years, government was dominated by personalities with strong personal and familial linkages. These families held us all in bondage. They all tried to perpetuate a system which promotes inequality in the distribution of wealth. For nearly three decades, wealth in this country was strictly concentrated only to a handful. The industries which the former dispensation established for the benefit of all, were partitioned among the elites of this country in the name of private-public partnerships and B-O-T. The consequences further enslaved the people to poverty.

Our eyes were made to approve everything yellow as the color of change only to find out that what we are appreciating is the color of a family's crest of honour.

It is time to break this nightmare. It is time to re-imagine our country based on the people's terms. Let the true EDSA blossom this time.

One caution though--let us not be tricked into believing that change is something at arm's length. Change does not follow if we allow another Cojuangco to replace an unfit one.

Let a true government grow from the sacrifices of the people.