Wednesday, February 4, 2015

After "Fallen", there comes a "Risen"

AFP chief of staff Gregorio Catapang is truly an officer and a gentleman. To save his president from an ignominious end, Catapang took the cudgels and apologised before the public. What Catapang did was brave. It remains though, if at all, his apology has any effect on placating an angry people.

Not since the PDAF and the DAP controversies did I witness and feel how hot the people's anger is. It is like everyone felt the pain suffered by those 44 families who lost their fathers, their husbands and their sons. It seems like this massacre triggered something within every one, even at a point of possibly becoming an element for unity.

Had it happened in other places, heated passions would have resulted to an immediate lynching of those thought responsible for the carnage. Or, this would have led to an increase in ethic bigotry, leading to, again, senseless killings all in the name of ethnicity or religion.

That's why I am proud that there is no such thoughts by the Filipino. There are no noticeable calls for the death of "Muslims" in general, and only ill-feelings against those so-called rebels who not just killed but mutilated the corpses.

Had it happen in other places, this should have resulted to a massive outpouring as some press