Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exclusive! Why Pnoy really failed to effect command and control over SAF ops which led to 44 troopers dead

Questions and accusations aside--one undeniable fact remained and that is the lost of command and control during the SAF operations which eventually led to the massacre of 44 of our troopers.

One thing that makes us curious is the obvious silence by suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima and the emotions being expressed right now by PNP OIC Leo Espina. According to sources, Espina knew about this operation when it was revealed to him by some people also involved in this operation.

Now, Espina is going around town as if he did not know. The only one who really didn't and was left in the dark was DILG secretary Mar Roxas.

Pony admitted knowing about this operation. The only question is---what is his true interpretation of this operation turned nightmare? Was Pnoy truly aware of the real and dangerous consequences of his actions? It seemed that his very neglect resulted to these troops literally fed to the dogs of war.

I was even amazed how Pnoy can still smile while listening to the sob stories expressed by the SAF commander and a wife of those slain 44 troopers during the necrological services.

And then it dawned upon me...

What if Pnoy thinks that he was just playing DOTA during the time of the operations? That he was directing it like a boy playing PlayStation 4 while in the comforts of his hotel room in Zamboanga?

Remember how talks swirled when someone revealed that Pnoy was playing Playstation while the Manila hostage crisis was then happening? There is probably some similarity with what happened last Sunday.

Hey, Mr. President, wake up! These were real people who died here, not some character in a video game.