Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Inhumanity of Mamasapano massacre

I think the reason why everyone is so angry at this time about what happened in Mamasapano  Maguindanao is how the rebels (who are supposed to be our government's partners for peace) treated those SAF troopers. Videos uploaded in Youtube shows an injured SAF being gunned down. That is clearly not just a violation of the ceasefire agreement but on established Articles of War.

The sheer brutality and inhumane treatment which these criminals did was truly gut wrenching to say the least. And to think that these rebels retaliated not because they were being attacked but because they were protecting their prized possessions--two foreign terrorists living within their midst.

And the reason why the people are so angry is because of the government's failure to at least protest what these rebels did to those who were just doing their jobs.

Why kill an armed man? Or a man already down and gasping for air? How about those who were in the throes of death being shot at and even mutilated?