Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Palace wants SAF video killing out of the internet--WTF

Malacanang, thru Edwin Lacierda, wants the one who uploaded the video of a SAF paratrooper being gunned down while still breathing to put down the video. Palace says, the fellow who did that was "heartless"

Mr. Lacierda--who is the real heartless guy here? The one who posted that video online or the ones who shot and brutally killed those SAF commandos?

The palace is quick to point out and criticise the one who uploaded this video but very slow on criticising and protesting against the actions of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)?

Until now, when the medico-legal reports have already been written and are now probably in the hands of the PNP, there is still no one filing criminal charges against the MILF.

Now, if the DOJ says it is difficult to ascertain the names of those involved in this massacre, then, why not charge the leadership of the MILF? They should have been responsible for this under the principle of chain of command.

I am totally perplexed--why is this administration so cautious in even criticizing the actions of the MILF? For that inhumanity, and the government is still very soft in its pronouncements.

Yes, the President admonished even warned the MILF about Usman. Yes, the President admitted being friends with the MILF.

Is this government afraid of the MILF? Why?