Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mamasapano Massacre: Shouting match between President Aquino and some SAF44 relatives

Malacanang denied it happened but some media practitioners who were there swore it was true--a shouting match between President Aquino and some SAF44 relatives.

My thoughts is--who is that stupid idiot who advised the Head of State to once more show his face before these grieving relatives? My source says its DSWD secretary Dingky Soliman. Maybe Soliman wants more donations from the public?

A source says that the disagreement between Aquino and at least three women (I will not identify who among the 44 here for respect) came after the women asked Aquino the progress of the investigation about the deaths of their loved ones. Aquino reportedly told them that his administration was doing everything to dig to the bottom of the issue. One of the women asked the President straight if he was involved and Aquino did was show her his phone with the time when the information was relayed to him. The woman was not satisfied. Aquino reportedly flared up and said that he was doing his best to accommodate their benefits. At that instance, one of the women cried and had a brief exchange of words with Aquino.

Aquino and his cabinet are trying their darn best to de-escalate the issue. They still believe that this entire thing is a PR crisis problem. They are mistaken. It has already taken a life of its own, and people are really serious in asking for justice for the SAF 44.