Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mamasapano Massacre Update: Pnoy violated ceasefire agreement when he agreed to give the go-signal to Oplan Exodus/Wolverine

Fr. Eliseo Mercado's interview over TV Patrol directly linked President Benign S. Aquino III to the debacle, that is the Mamasapano massacre, placing him directly responsible. Mercado says as early as January 24, Aquino knew and directed the operation, helped by US intelligence.

Now, what is substantial about Mercado's interview is the fact that coordination was indeed effected and that the President knew about the clash which happened between SAF troopers and MILF fighters. Mercado says the President knew about the operation from 5am to its definitive conclusion which was 5pm. President Aquino was directing the operation for 12 hours.

That explains why no Cabinet member proffered an answer on who told the president that those clashes were already happening--it is because the President himself knew and is dispensing orders upon the advice or suggestion of his buddy, former PNP chief Alan Purisima.

Gary Alejano, the representative of the partylist Magdalo Party, has dared the president to reveal what he ordered during those critical times. Gary, it is not important anymore to know because we already knew--the President decided not to order the military to save those 44 lives in deference to the peace agreement or the ongoing ceasefire agreement.

This act of the President is stupid. Let me tell you why. 

The very first defense of the administration and the MILF on what happened predicated on the line that the clash broke out because there was no coordination between the MILF and government troops, and that former SAF commander Napenas was at fault.

Now, is coordination still important at that very precise moment? No. Why? Because at the very first instance, on January 24 when the go-signal was ordered and troops deployed on the first break of dawn on January 25th, the President already BROKE the ceasefire agreement.

When the President of this Republic agreed and ordered those troops to enter MILF territory, by his action, Benign S. Aquino III already broke the very ceasefire he signed with his counterparts with the MILF. Hence, there is anymore use of a ceasefire mechanism because President Aquino himself broke it when he agreed on the operation WITHOUT INFORMING HIS COUNTERPART OVER AT THE MILF.