Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On the furor about the Mamasapano massacre of SAF forces--what happens now?

Out of the forty or so arms seized from the SAF troopers executed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), only about nine were returned to the authorities. The question is--is this a satisfaction of the confidence building measures being asked by Senators Ferdinand Bonging Marcos Jr and Franklin Drilon?

The MILF likewise pronounced readiness to surrender their men who reportedly violated their own codes of conduct. The only question is---since the MILF still thinks and declares itself as a revolutionary organisation, then, the actions of their men, to their view, are "revolutionary" and "political" by nature, and therefore, justified. By definition of law, such political actions cannot be deemed "criminal" because it was undertaken by the rebels in pursuit of their rebellion. What the MILF leadership failed to consider is the fact that the law has been changed and there is no such thing anymore. Their men can be prosecuted based on the Philippine judicial and criminal system.

Of course, the MILF leadership would dispute this and say that their men cannot be put under the jurisdiction of the Philippine government, because doing so, harms their belligerency status. What am I saying?

Eventually, there would come a point where the Philippine government would try and exercise its jurisdiction over these MILF fighters involved in the execution of these SAF troopers. The only question is---do we have a leadership that would assert itself over this MILF position? That is one unanswered question.

The core issue is simple--do we have a government capable of defending our interests against external and internal threats?

Likewise--do we have a credible government that the people believe in, and is highly desirous to effect a transition of power in a fair manner come 2016?

These are just some of the questions that need answers.

Administration allies like Trillanes are floating coup rumours to tie the hands of groups who want to demonstrate and show their anger over the Mamasapano massacre. Trillanes is floating it to in effect, try to give the administration some breathing room to at least manoeuvre on how best to come out with a report about the incident.

Meaning, a coup rumour is being used as a tool to frighten those groups who are thinking of making a move in protest over the apparent failure of leadership as shown in the handling of the Mamasapano massacre.

The most ideal is simply the most contentious--which is, present these killers before the bar of justice and mete to them the most severe of all penalties under the law.