Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On the Mamasapano Massacre and why do we need to change the current leadership

There are five indisputable reasons why it is highly necessary to change the current leadership.

First, there should be a change to allow for the strengthening of the government position vis-a-vis the Bangsamoro peace talks. Obviously, this government is too close for comfort with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leadership, as admitted by the President itself. The current actions of the government in relation to the Mamasapano massacre speak for itself. The government has shown weakness, which is, really, unusual, to say the least. It is either this administration has been held hostage by ideological personalities pursuing the Bangsamoro line or it is too irresponsible.

Second, there should be a government that is entirely beyond doubt as to its loyalty to the principles of democracy. Democracy means fairness. Democracy means a level playing field. These past few years, this administration has effected a bigoted version of democracy, one that requires doing acts which are deemed unconstitutional and immoral yet, highly legal on the purview of those in power. The business community has been affected by the unequal treatment of this administration. It favours business interests close to the Powers-that-be.

Third, this administration is too weak politically, militarily and even, diplomatically. This proceeds from its perverted view on how to manage the affairs of the state. In an era of shifting sands, this cannot be. The Philippine State should be resilient enough to counter acts of other states against its sovereign interests. Its treatment of China's continued military build-up in the Spratlys and its soft treatment of the MILF are signs of a very weak administration managing a weakened state.

Fourth, the 2016 elections is a very important milestone in Philippine history. Another transition fraught with electoral fraud would surely cause political destabilisation of a magnitude never before seen in Philippine history. Doubts about the sincerity of this administration to administer a fair election hangs. There are strong indications that this administration would try and use even the enormous resources of government just to install its preferred candidate come 2016. Even if violence does not break now, violence caused by electoral fraud would surely occur in 2016, the very minute this administration tries to bully its way just to get what it wants and that is, a favourable administration that would assure no criminal charges are filed against Aquino and his minions.  Aquino and the rest of his cabinet are well-aware of the possibility of incurring criminal complaints and even the prospect of incarceration due to their violations of the Constitution in relation to the PDAF and DAP scandals. This administration, of course, avoids anything that would make it accountable for these violations. There are lingering views that this administration would exercise all its powers just to prevent the opposition from assuming power.

Lastly, there are obvious faults in the present 1987 Constitution which needs immediate modification at the very least or immediate deletion. Without changing the Constitution, there can never be substantial changes not just in the bureaucracy but also in the economy. The over reliance of the government in private-public partnerships and its avoidance of building infrastructures and industries is proof positive of the flaws now inherent in the constitution.

Of course, these arguments are somewhat in dissonance with some thoughts about allowing Pnoy to continue his administration since it is just one and a half years na lang siya in Power. That is exactly the problem. Aquino exercises no leadership, and therefore, it is of importance that the elites come together immediately and effect a change now, not in 2016.