Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Mamasapano Massacre Update: Pnoy knew about the clashes early morning of January 25

On the Mamasapano clash probe before the Senate, former PNP chief Alan Purisima revealed that as early as 5 plus in the morning, President Aquino already knew about the clash and possibly, and I say, possibly, Aquino was fed with wrong information.

Again, let me reiterate what the core of this issue is all about---this is about LEADERSHIP, which many people think President Aquino was unable to do during the time those SAF troopers were being gunned down by members of the MILF.

Now, what administration allies at the Senate wanted to state is that how can Aquino dispense leadership when he was fed wrong information?

Let me be straight---this Senate probe is being used to shield the President from direct responsibility. The question remained--did the President exercised leadership during those critical moments?


Even if the President was fed wrong information, as alleged by administration ally Senator Chiz Escudero, he should have used his enormous powers to know the real score. What was important was he knew that a clash was already on-going and the proper judgment was exert all efforts to extricate those SAF troopers from the battlefield. Never mind if there was a ceasefire since the President himself, when he agreed on this operation and when those troopers were sent already violated it by his very action.

This is what the people wanted the President to admit and stop defending the MILF. The MILF can defend for themselves.