Monday, February 23, 2015

On the purported "coup" against Pnoy--Another Cojuangco for a Cojuangco?

Coup plotters are getting some flak not just from allies of the Aquino administration but from legitimate groups who really want to correct what is happening so far in government.

Peping Cojuangco and his wife, Tingting, are at it again, organising and letting one of their men, Pastor Boy Saycon do the rounds of military camps and liaising with other groups, some of them, well-meaning ones, to organise what they call " people power"

This "people power" is predicated on the belief that the people will rise up and demand for the ouster of President Aquino over the obvious flaw committed on the Mamasapano operation.

Peping and Tingting wants people power--to oust their nephew, Benign Simeon Cojuangco Aquino from power.

Obviously, Mr. Peping and his wife Tingting have personal reasons for doing so. Remember how their nephew marginalised them shortly after the 2010 presidential elections? And remember how Aquino reportedly dressed Pastor Boy Saycon down over the reported large-scale smuggling of sugar off Subic a few months unto the Aquino administration?

These personalities have been marginalized and I have to agree with Senator Trillanes IV that what these people want are another jab at power.

How would you trust someone who actually caused more harm than good when he was appointed head of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)? During Peping's reign, graft and corruption at the PSC flourished. National Sports Associations (NSA) were asked to give to the PSC their ad sponsorships and do you know that Peping and some of his men ask for "commissions"?

Pony may have bungled Mamasapano and is possibly liable both criminally and otherwise, but the thought of him being replaced by his uncle who now stands accused of graft and corruption is something despicable to say the least.

It's totally different in the case of Norberto Gonzales. Gonzales is what you call an ideologue, someone who is motivated to act based on his principles. Gonzales is your typical destabilizer, someone likes a fundamentalist who will do everything in his power just to realise his ideal for the country.

For all the flak he's been getting from Trillanes, I treat Gonzales differently because he is pursuing an ideological agenda which for me, is admirable. During his term as defense secretary and NICA chief, there is no report of him wasting the people's monies or him getting himself involved in graft and corruption. As I described him during Arroyo's time, he is your typical Rasputin who is motivated not by the pursuit of power nor riches, but of honour.