Thursday, February 26, 2015

Peace is symbiotic. Peace entails sacrifices

President Aquino, in his speech, tries to say that those who oppose the passage of the BBL into law are enemies of peace. In the mind of the president, there are only two kinds of people---those who support the BBL in its entirety and those who oppose it in its entirety.

Excuse me, Mr. President, but please recognise that there is another group of people out there--those who love peace and want a more improved and more acceptable Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Like I said in my previous entries, the BBL is being pictured as the panacea to end the Bangsamoro Question. My take is--it is not. First off, the proposed BBL is not in synchronicity with the present system of governance being implemented in the Philippines and thus, is expected to clash with it in the future. And secondly, like the ARMM, political forces with interests in Mindanao, will surely destabilize it.

The best solution to the Bangsamoro Question is its inclusion as a state in a federated Philippine governmental system. If we want it to succeed, the Bangsamoro Republic must never be considered as such, as a semi-state, but a full state under a federated system. In that way, the full resources of the federation will be utilised to help it succeed.

Under a Federal system, the National Government still holds political power and control yet recognises the unique processes of the state. There is a symbiosis between the majority and the minority states based on equal treatment.

In the present unitary government, fragmentation thru autonomy is not the way towards penultimate peace in Mindanao. There must be a whole-sale acceptance of the Bangsamoro as a unique Nation, a nation distinct from the majority, yet has the potentialities of benefiting even the national government.

If this Republic would give up something, our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters must likewise give us something in exchange.