Friday, February 27, 2015

The Ides of March circa 20-15 in the Philippines---will we see change happen?

Unknown to many, the ancient Romans celebrated the first month in March, not in January. Usually, the first year begins at March 15, a day which went in infamy as the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated and it was likewise, the month which saw Rome transition from a Republic into an empire.

In the Philippines, we talk about March as the beginning of summer. IN other parts of the world, March signifies the month when the priests of Jupiter lead the sheep in procession along the Via sacra, where it was sacrificed.

The question really is---will March mark an historical milestone for us, Filipinos? Will all these mass actions lead to an eventual conclusion, that is, regime change?

Who will be the escape goat? In Roman tradition, whenever March approaches, there is an old man who is depicted as the "escape goat" being beaten up.

Will it be a new year to all of us, beginning in March? Let's see.